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Easy Populate + Job Scheduler = Easy Job Populate Scheduler


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Hello All,


I have a suggestion and I'd like to know if there are developers interested on starting this contribution...


Based on my experiences with Market places like Amazon, Yahoo and others, I realized that we could have the best features/ideas from them... Considering companies with thousands of products (mine has 30K of products to be updated in a daily bases), it's complicated to use the current process of spliting files etc... The idea is to use the following functional requirements from Amazon and YahooStore! in how their solutions address the problem of the updates...


* Amazon


- Updating the inventory information is really nice, once they already have the description and images, that's a good point to consider. The only information needed is the inventory, price, SKU, UPC, among others. The product is matched with the UPC.


- The upload process evolves 2 steps:

1. Upload the file to the server;

2. Start an internal process to update the thousands of products data.

I've been using this feature for more than 4 months with more than 10 thousands of products, and the only delay is the upload... Later, the internal process runs normally... and you see the products being updated on the administration section...


- Cons

Not all the information is needed to be updated... Weight and SKU, for example, are already there...


* YahooStore!

Yahoo has the update of the inventory and descriptions. We have to wait the upload and the database update process run in order to continue. It's in separated in 2 processes:

1. Upload the items (product descriptions);

2. Upload the inventory (quantity for each product).


- Cons

I don't understand how they put the price together with the description. If my prices change regularly, I have the same problem as Amazon, where I have to update again the same information. The upload takes long time and for product lists of more than 10 thousand the script stops...


Conclusion: Why not develop the Easy Populate + Job Scheduler = Easy Job Populate Scheduler??? I've been going through the contributions and when I found the Job Scheduler, I thought we could start developing something really nice for osCommerce...


I'd like to know if I could have developers to help me work on that... I have a BS in CS background, experience on development with agile processes, xp, design patterns... However, my primary programming language is Java and I programmed in PHP in about 5 years ago (2000) So, I can try to learn the syntax again, but I don't want to lose time with problems concerning the language... I would appretiate to have your comments to this post and if interested in forming a team to develop this feature...


Thank you very much for your attention


:thumbsup: Marcello Sales

Shopila Corporation

New York, NY, USA

Marcello Sales

Software Systems Architect

Computer Science

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