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Need some help w/a problem causing CPU abuse, host is saying it has to do with an index.php file


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I started having a problem in October when my host shut me down out of the blue and accused me of CPU abuse. When I opened a ticket to ask what in the world was going on, this is the reply that I got:


It was suspended for excessive cpu and mysql usage:



better better-beads.com 19.58 1.28 0.3

Top Process %CPU 99.9 /usr/bin/php index.php

Top Process %CPU 99.5 /usr/bin/php index.php

Top Process %CPU 93.0 /usr/bin/php index.php



better better-beads.com 9.92 0.71 0.2

Top Process %CPU 99.9 /usr/bin/php index.php

Top Process %CPU 97.5 [php ]

Top Process %CPU 91.0 [php ]



We will unsuspend the accoutn if you agree to check and make suer nothing is abuse (ie cron jobs running to frequently)


After some more going back and forth, they came back with:


All that our logs tell us is what thread is using the process time, which was index.php. THat, most liekly is the cuplrite, however it also just may have been a large burst of visitors to your site.


Our logs will only tell us that the issue is with an index file, and will not list any further information.


Also, That being the case, the issue is either a script error that caused the process to hang, your site was being attacked, or some other error that was not anticipated by the developer. Do you know all the scripts installed on your site?


The only thing installed on my site is OsCommerce and it is installed in a directory called 'catalog'. Since they couldn't pinpoint just which index.php they thought might be causing the problem, they came back with:


Doing a search for index.php in your account shows:


root@smoke [/home/better]# find -name 'index.php'











All of them reside in the catalog directory; thus my assumption would be that the usage is related to your catalog script.


Well, DUH, all index.php files would be located in the catalog directory since that is where OS is installed, dummies. And THEY (my host) was the one that installed OS for me in the first place.


I really don't know what to do or how to find out what the problem is. So far, I have been shut down 3 times for this same issue. I do not have a clipart site or music files or anything on the site that would pull major resources. I only have products in my cart that people buy and that's it. Nothing that should be causing this.


Can anyone please help me out and make any suggestions? If there is indeed a script running on my site that I have no clue of, can someone tell me how to look that up. I am by no means an expert when it comes to this stuff and I have no idea what I am doing. But my host can't give any detailed help except to tell me stuff I already know, such as where my index.php files are located.


Thanks in advance, Autumn (www.better-beads.com)

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This thread seems to the point, since you too are using STS (known for using lots of queries).


Thank you JanZ....found someone willing to spend some of their time to help me and they confirmed that it is indeed STS. So I guess it's to that thread....thanks for the link, I really appreciate it.



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