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Need help with shipping module?


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Hello all-


Nicky8184 Stated date='Nov 28 2005, 10:20 PM' post='748362'


I got different results with the table rates when I was testing it. Have you tried setting it like: 1:4.75,2:4.85,3:3.70 ?


Took me hours of messing around with mine until I gave up and downloaded the multiple zones shipping module, and used the tables in that. Good luck!


Being that I, along with several others using "OsCommerce" is having trouble with this shipping thing, and no one can find the right answer? Is there a patch for the module that needs to be updated on the server? Or, it is that we should be using this module that Nicky8184 stated, and if so, where on-line is it to download it? Maybe I might be a little naive, but when time has been wasted on behalf of figuring out all of these problems, people are just too damn confuising to help with something that could be, or possible be a simple answer.


However, surely, most of the people on this bulletin have been helpful - but this is time restricking, and when something doesn't work as it is suppose too, then something is surley wrong.


I lost a big customer a month ago who wouldn't order components from my site because the shipping cost was too high. It could have cost him only less than $10.00 instead of $20.00 to ship ground. Outrageous of course!


Now, I have no shipping added, and when you try to order something it gets stuck on the payment option when there is only one payment being accepted which is "PayPal", after I try to alter the Table shipping module!


PLEASE, can Nicky8184 tell us if what he did was successful as he claimed, and if so - where is this download and where does it go in order for things to work?


I would sincerely appreciate it any feedback on this matter.


D. Morales


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