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We are getting ghost items appearing in the cart.


It seems as if - the person before picked stuff but didn't buy or exit - so then it ends up in the next persons cart ?


Or in the orders .. the "name" is the person before's name - although all the CC info and shipping addy etc match buyer #2. The email and username - are buyer #1's !


We thought it was a problem with PayPal - so installed the PayPal contribution but the problem still did not go away - so now we took out PayPal altogether ... but we are still seeing this ?


What is happening. ???


We are on IPwerWeb and we've had tons of problems with their osC (including this weird shipping thing) so I'm wondering if it;s them again ... or something in the set - up ?








(I posted something similar to this a few weeks back - but got no responses - please if you have ANY clues - we'd appreciate it !)




DBK Web Development


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In your osC admin panel set Cache --> use Cache to false. If your host uses a shared 'tmp' folder for cache files then you will get this problem.





We are already set to false;


here are the settings:


Session Directory /tmp

Force Cookie Use False --- changing this caused issues with AOL folks

Check SSL Session ID False ------ changing this caused issues with authorize.net which switches to another SSL.

Check User Agent False

Check IP Address False

Prevent Spider Sessions True

Recreate Session False Info



Any other things to look at ?





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I've seen this happening before, and it was caused by spiders generating session ids and listing them in search engine results - so that people were coming to the site using the search engine link and they would all have the same session id. Often this spidering occurs before new site owners set 'Prevent Spider Sessions' to true in their admin panel - but also the basic spiders.txt file is 'very basic' and you really need to go to Contributions to download and install the large spiders.txt file (which is kept up to date with the latest spiders).


In the meantime you can go to your osC admin panel and look under Configuration --> Sessions and turn on Recreate Session - which creates a new session id when someone logs in or creates an account. This will create havoc with AOL users, but it's better than customers seeing each others details etc.



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