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error "Your E-Mail Address does not appear to be valid"


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I am configuring osCommerce, and I'm trying to walk through the registration process. However, I am getting stuck at the email validation function tep_validate_email($email), specifically at this line:


if (eregi($ip_domain_pat, $domain, $ip_components))


I've outputted some debugging statements, and it seems that there is no value for $ip_components. For example:


$junk = eregi($ip_domain_pat, $domain, $ip_components); // i added this debugging line
echo $ip_components.' is ip_components<br>';
echo $junk.' is junk<br>';
	if (eregi($ip_domain_pat, $domain, $ip_components)) {
echo 'got this far <br>';


I never get the 'got this far' message; the output is:


is ip_components

is junk


and I get the "official" error message in pink:


Error Your E-Mail Address does not appear to be valid - please make any necessary corrections.


Can anyone help?


Thanks, Jenny

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If you have Verify E-Mail Addresses Through DNS set to true then try setting it to false. There is a small fix which will allow you to receive the ip address the e-mail came from, without using the feature I've mentioned in your control panel.



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