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Having a little problem getting the CSS file to affect the site.


I have even deleted it from the root directory and the site colours do not change.


I have probably missed something obvious, as has been the case with all my other problems so far.




Elliot :)

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I have used CSS Stylesheets before and normally without it the site should be totally unformatted no font colours ect.


But that is the thing - it looks just the same.


Make sure your browser is updateing with EVERY page refresh. I know, I know it drives me nuts sometimes and it IS the simple things that make us go crazy.


IE its tools and then internet options.

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Hi I don't think it's working.


Does anyone know where the reference to stylesheet.css is I might have deleted it - although this would not explain why the site is still in the grey/blue and white style.


Unless I'm mistaken doesn't every page refer to the stylesheet?

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is it pulling from the httpsdoc folder? there are two copies of all files unless you have a symlink between the httpdocs and the httsdocs


could you please explain where the other file is? two files would explain it - i might be editing the wrong one.

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