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Changing time


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Need a little help I read a few topics in the forum but can't figure this out My host is in the west coast their time is 3 hours behind I'm in the east coast 3 hours ahead this is what I get off the forum how & where do I place this code to make it work or is there an easier way.



Thanks any one!




print "<HTML><body><pre>";


setlocale( "LC_ALL", "en_EN" );


putenv( "PHP_TZ=USA/New York" );


$now = strtotime(gmstrftime("%b %d %Y %H:%M:%S", strtotime (TIME_ADJUST)));


print_r( localtime(time(),true) );

print_r( getdate() );


print date("H:i:s");

print date("T");





// used for adjusting the sites time

define ('TIME_ADJUST', '+ 03 hour');

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