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breadcrumb / browser title issues


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I did a search on these varies topics but found no luck. So I thought I would give it a shot and see if anyone can help.


Recently I created a new shopping store for a new site of mine, so I copied over my store files that I currently have on my active site and transferred over the files over to the new site, and then created a new database for the new store.


From there I just did template changes, graphics etc, nothing to big. All is well except for the following issues.


The Web Browser Title reads the name of my other store, and I can't see to figure out how to change the php echo title file, so that I can type in the new name so that it displays on the browser title for all pages when viewing and operating the store.


Another issue is the breadcrumb, I need to change the text so that it reads the new store name, however the actual links work just fine, I just need to find out how I can get in the code and change the actual text titles which are currently reading the titles of the original store that I copied.


I'm not a php coder, however I can figure my way around, if anyone can give me relatively easy directions on how to go about doing these 2 changes.


Thanks in advanced!

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