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Specific LAMP Help!


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OK. I am having problems with the downloads. I have posted about a similar problem before, but that was before I got them working. Sort of. Here is the state of things on my LAMP server.


First and foremost, I can't make download by redirect work at all. I need to offer downloads that will be in excess of 150MB and I am assuming this feature will solve the problem of excessive memory consumption as well as changing the limitations imposed by the php.ini or an htaccess file. Maybe I'm wrong about that.


Now for the strange part. If I DON'T use download by redirect it appears to work, BUT NOT ON MY WINDOWS MACHINE! This part has me baffled. My eMac downloads it with Firefox, Safari and Explorer without a hitch. My WindowsXP box LOOKS LIKE it is grabbing the file from the server, but when I save it locally it creates a 0kb file with zero content. Same results when I "save as target". Is it a browser problem? Is it a problem downloading the .php file as it is sent to the machine?


Yes, my permissions are properly set. Maybe not at this moment, but at one point in testing I'm positive they were. (If anything the permissions are a little more permissive during this testing phase). I have followed and retraced all the instructions to a "T" many times now, in addition to trying a few hack suggestions posted around the board. (Primarily some configure.php recommendations)


Incidentally, I am using M2.2 and I am not worried about installing the "download controller" until I get this problem solved. ANY suggestions are EXCEEDINGLY appreciated. Props to Sierrab and Mibble for help getting me this far.

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