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Spiders trying to buy items! MSN bot the culprit!


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Hi, is anybody else finding that spiders are starting sessions (even though disabled in admin) and trying to purchase products by following the link through the "buy it now" button to add items to their cart.


I was going through my raw logs the other day and I noticed that a naughty bot owned by microsoft (MSN bot) was adding most of my products to its cart. I couldn't believe it!


Is there a way in robot.txt to tell bots to not follow the "buy it now" links? I've disallowed the shopping cart file in the robot.txt file, but doesn't seem to work.






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Yes, since Friday, November 25, 2005, I've been having the same problem. Here are my settings:

Force Cookie Use 	True 	Info 
Check SSL Session ID 	False 
Check User Agent 	False
Check IP Address 	False
Prevent Spider Sessions 	True
Recreate Session 	False


Prior to Friday, I did not have spiders adding product to the shopping cart. Now, for the past three days, these sessions are eating up my system resources and my server load levels have reached as high as 45! I currently have a spider in my store from Czech Republic which has been on for over 6 hours and has "purchased" over $2,500 of product.


It seems to me that it may be more than MSN. Does anyone know how to prevent these spider sessions from adding product?

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have you changed your buy now button links to forms that should stop it try this hope that helps




Thank you very much. I've been reading more about this and you are correct - changing the button links to forms prevents spiders from adding product. I've also updated my spiders.txt file from: Updated spiders.txt


Thank you very much for your input!!

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