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changing invoice.php


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help... I'm trying to change the admin/invoice.php file to include the words "Tax Invoice" and also replace the oscommerce logo with my own and change the size of the logo. Whenever I try to modify it and view an invoice there are heaps of lines with just n on them (like new line markers maybe???). I've got around the logo problem partly by renaming my logo to oscommerce.gif but I need to change the size... anyone else had this problem?

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Hi Jenny,


in the invoice.php around line 39, you have 1 lines:

<td class="pageHeading" align="right"><?php echo tep_image(DIR_WS_IMAGES . 'oscommerce.gif', '204', '50'); ?></td>


For the logo size you need to change the 204 for width and the 50 for height.

But you must take care of the aspect ratio of your logo, otherwise it would be stretched :-)

'oscommerce.gif' is the name of the related image, change it to whatever you need.


Be careful with all other characters in this file. Every . (dot) is important, so dont delete something.

I guess, this lead to your error message, so be careful.


For the "Tax Invoice" part, it depends on where you want to have this included. Either you have to place it in the top part of the file, which is more html orientated.

Or you have to place it in the bottom part, which is more php.




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