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Ready for Criticism


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I have put together an osCommerce site for my wife's business, and learning php along the way. Please take a look and let me know what you think and what I should alter. Currently the store is not live, but will be going live very shortly for the holidays. Before doing so, SSL will be put in place and the store will be moved to the root. Depending on when you click on the links below, one will work and one will not.


In root directory


Thanks in advance for the help, ideas and criticism

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Hey Jeff,


Nice start, the pixelated background kind of through me for a loop I thought there was something wrong with my laptop :blink:. On your Contact Us page you also has an email link which kind of defeats the purpose of the Contact Us page IMO. When you click on the Sizing Chart icon under any of your products, it does bring up the chart but also takes you back to the main page. Other than those couple of things, its a good start. :thumbsup:

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I don't recommend a % width for your shop especially with the background images that it contains. On my computer which is set to 1400 X 1050 your header image repeats which does not look very good at all. Also the blue buttons don't fit your site's layout. I don't recommend the pink highlighting that you have on your main page. Other then those point's good start and good luck with launching your site.

Andrew Yuen

osCommerce, Community Team

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1. the background images used reminds of what personal websites looked like in the early 90's, kinda amateurish. It also makes the text hard to read and detracts from the product images on the home page.


2. Your product images could be a little sharper. They look fuzzy and on the enlarged images, the contrast seems off.


3. I think the stark blue buttons used throughout your site are in direct contrast to the soft colors you've chosen to design the site in. You should choose colors that are more in tune with your website.


4. Get rid of the little standard Oscommerce images


5. You could use some type of metatag and header contribution as well....



good luck with your store...

My Contribution

Music Download Store Template


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