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orders.php not showing pending orders


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I just changed servers and updated all the relevant references. Everything appears to work fine except that when I click the "Pending" Orders link, there are no results shown, yet there are several pending orders.


The strange thing is that when I click Completed, or any of the other status links, I do get a list of orders.


I tried accessing them using the drop-down box in orders.php, but the same thing happens there.


I checked the database, and confirmed that the status is set correctly - the administrator index.php source confirms that there are 3 pending orders.


When I enter the order number in the address (oID=), the correct order details are displayed.


I changed the status of one of these orders, and now that one isn't listed either, so it appears that all orders placed after the change-over can't be listed.


Any ideas?

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Further to the above problem, none of the freight and tax charges are being added to the total, so the invoices only show the cost of the goods.


There are no entries in the database orders_total for any of the orders placed since the change-over.


I have a feeling this is related to the above problem.

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