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Product Attributes


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Just wondering if anyone knows how I can make it compulsary for customers to choose the product attributes, we are a shirt supplier, so;


Product One is avaiable in Small, Medium, Large

In a Tshirt, Hoodie, Polo Shirt

In Black, White, Red


So we would require the customer to choose for example SMALL - POLO SHIRT - BLACK before the product is able to be added to the shopping cart.


Anyone know how to do this?




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Hi there,


is these are all the options you have,

why not set up one option with the following values:


- "Polo Shirt - Black - Small"

- "Polo Shirt - Black - Medium"

- "Polo Shirt - Black - Large"

- "Hoodie - Black - Small"

- "Hoodie - Black - Medium"

and so on.


As far as I know, you have no other possibility to have attribute chains.


I have the same problem. Have two options, color and size, but I dont have all colors in a specific size, so I want to regulate this.

In the other size, I have all colors.




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Yeah it's strange, I have seen it done on heaps of other php based sites, but not using osc.


I could use the method you described, but there's the catch.


I would end up with thousands of products, being that if I have a Polo shirt that is one design, in 5 different colours, in the complate range of sizes from Small - 6XL it would work out to be 45? different products for one shirt design.


Maybe I will have to do it that way and use Easy Populate.




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