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Split payments option - possible?


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Hey guys, apologies first of all if this is the wrong forum for this sort of thing, I've had a brief look but didn't have time to ensure this question hasn't already been answered!


What I seriously need is a mod to enable me to split a customer's payment automatically between two nochex.com accounts. For example, say a customer purchased software worth $10 from my site, I would want nochex.com account A to receive 5$, and account be to receive $5 as well. It would be helpful if the percentage could be altered.


As I understand it, it would be easy to set up using oscom, but if my theory is correct, the customer would have to pay twice and verification would be a nightmare.


If anyone has any ideas whatsoever on this, or knows of an alternate credit card site that supports automatic payment splitting to two seperate accounts I'd seriously appreciate it!


Many thanks guys



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Sorry to bump up an old thread...

But it's basically what I'm looking to do.


I have a payment module that I created, but I want the customer to tack on a value to charge on that card. Of course if doesn't cover the full ammount, I want to force them to select another payment type to charge the rest on. And if it does cover it, then nothing else would be needed. But I would need to process this card first to find out if there are any errors - like they are over charging their card or if it's an invalid card number etc before checking the other payment type or completing the check out process..

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That's similar to what I was looking for, but not quite - I was looking to charge the full amount in the usual way, without actually splitting the payment through different forms (although this would be darned useful).


I imagine a solution to my problem would be somehow simultaneously transferring the money to two seperate nochex.com accounts, specified depending on the product. Basically a lazy way of ensuring an automatic credit to two accounts of a certain proportion each. For example, when I sell product A for ?10, which is set up to pay to Person A @ 40% and Person B @ 60%, ?4 goes into A's account, and ?6 goes into B's account.


With regards to your problem, I'm no PHP programmer but I'd try and charge the amount specified first (first verifing that the amount isn't greater), wait for success confirmation from the card charging service, then check the amount confirmed against the amount for the product. If it's less I'd store that in a variable, and loop back into the payment process again so they can charge the amount on a different card.


I doubt this helps any, but if anyone knows how to help... :)

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