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Where do you do your shipping from?


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I hope I can explain what I am running into. I am going to compare this to when I make a sale on eBay. When a sale is made on eBay and the customer pays with PayPal I get a notification of this from PP. I can either go into PP or into My eBay to do the shipping process. I use My eBay for the processing of orders.


Now, I have my new OS Commerce site and just made a sale. I did receive the Order Process notification but did not receive a payment received notice from PP. But, I'm wondering now, where do I go to process the order? I can go into PP and ship from there but it brings me to a problem when I choose to add a merchant account.


If one is using both a Merchant account and PP then where is the central location for shipping to be done from assuming the USPS is the shipping agent being used.


I hope this makes sense. The other thing, when I make a sale through eBay and use my eBay to ship is when the process is complete it shows the shipping as being completed. I was assuming something like this would be in the OSC admin section.


Any help is appreciated.



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If you didn't receive payment notice from paypaly check you account to make sure the sale actually went through.


I print shipping labels direct from paypal, merchant account with the same info as my OsC store. Just easier to keep track and pay for shipping. Customer will receive notice of the shipping from paypal.


Bottom line is that you will probably have to toggle the order in Admin to "processed" or "shipped" or whatever you use. You can choose to notify the customer in admin if you wish.

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