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Error when logged in


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I am getting an error when logged in as a customer and clicking on the custom pages I am working on for a client of mine. It seems to work fine when you are there as a guest but once you are logged in and click on one of hte badges on the site




you get an error with the following....


1146 - Table 'archer_oscommerce.table_coupon_gv_customer' doesn't exist


select amount from TABLE_COUPON_GV_CUSTOMER where customer_id = '14'




I know this deals with the Credit Class I just installled. The rest of the cart is working flawlessly just these pages seem to have died. Any ideas?

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Looks like




is not defined as




in your includes/database_tables.php file.


:thumbsup: Yeeeeaaaaahhh baaaaaabeee!!!! KGT you ROCK! I was suffering from the same error which the other person inquired about. After 3 hours of my employers time (while I worked on my personal OSC web site :rolleyes: ) I finally ran across this post and THIS IS THE FIX...LOOK NO FURTHER IF YOU GET THIS ERROR! I am not sure why, but my database_tables.php file didn't update when I installed the CCGV (which I installed on top of a totally FRESH install of the new m2 release)...in fact, I looked into the CCGV catalog/includes directory and could find NO database_tables.php file that gets added to the includes directory. Soooo...I went ahead and added in a definition for all of the *coupon* stuff to my current/new database_tables.php file and voila!!! Success...I love this forum because every time I invest time searching for stuff I am always delightfully greated with AWESOME posts like yours that solve my problem with OSC...dude (or dudet :D ) you rock!!! I am curious though, is that database_tables.php file something that should be updated when you install CCGV or are you supposed to kinda know that that file needs some updating? I had never touched that file before today...here is what I added based on the new coupon stuff that the CCGV is using:


define('TABLE_COUPON_EMAIL_TRACK', 'coupons_email_track');

define('TABLE_COUPON_GV_CUSTOMER', 'coupon_gv_customer');

define('TABLE_COUPON_GV_QUEUE', 'coupon_gv_queue');

define('TABLE_COUPON_REDEEM_TRACK', 'coupon_redeem_track');

define('TABLE_COUPONS', 'coupons');

define('TABLE_COUPONS_DESCRIPTION', 'coupons_description');


Anyway...it got rid of my errors...now all I need to figure out is how to set up coupons/vouchers now...off to the install.html file :-) Thanks again for the fix!!! I feel a contribution coming on...maybe TheMadHatter_database_tables.php contrib??? :blink:




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