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related attributes... car site?


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Hi all,


i'm doing a site for roofracks which basically needs a drop down list for vehicle manufacturer and model in the attributes. It would be ideal if the model would refresh to display the correct models when the manufacturer is changed (similar to the country-state selctor contrib).


Is this possible, is there already a contrib to do this?


Failing that, i thought about using the 'manufacturer' box to do the initial search, perhaps with two seperate manufacturer boxes.. one for make and one for model... although i havent properly thoguht this through het..


anyone any ideas?

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Excellent question, I need the same thing. I have products listed, for example an aluminum flywheel, that has 4 different options constituting 4 different part numbers, and would like to prevent cluttering up the product listing with 4 semi-redundant products.

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