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User Sessions


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I seem to have a user session problem,


I have installed and have configured a login box contribution login box

this shows the users name and log out option in either right or left coloumn, which is fine.


I have also installed and configured DALbum, photo gallery which works inside my catalog site.


The problem i am having is if a users browers through the site their session stays on and it will show in the login box their user name and logout option, but once they move to view the gallery the login box does not show the user name and logout button the session seems to dissapear..


how do i make it constant so that it does not loose the session.


while browsing i see that i have


shows on the url bar but once i go into the gallery i loose the

OSC session id..



any ideas as how i can keep this session until the user logs out.

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Could you possibly post a link to your site?




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