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How to insert a poll into information.php


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vzpoll kicks out this very simple code:


Javascript code for every kind of page , local or remote use

<script language='javascript' src='http://www.mystore.com/vzpoll/show_java.php'></script>




PHP code for php pages , local use.



Now how do I fit this into an infobox?

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I looked at the Poll contribution and passed, the vzpoll script has it's own database and has what I need and I want to incorporate it into my store preferably into a box.


As I said, I can make it work via plain html outside of the store and it would work in a pop-up, but I really want to plug the code into an info box.


Looking at the PHP code, how should I put that into an infobox?

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In that case, take a look at pages 29-31 of the osCommerce 2.2 Milestone 2 Update 051112 Documentation. The section titled Add Boxes describes how to add a new infobox using the framework of an existing one as a starting point. Then you would just encapsulate the poll code in the infobox framework.

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