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osCommerce dies after adding new product


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Hi there,


I've been playing with oscommerce for a few days now, using the standard set of products that are installed. I have themed my store using BTS and STS-for-the-BTS, adding some custom sts variables as I go, and it's all going pretty well. I managed to create some categories no problem, but when I add a product to the category, any page that "renders" that product (like new products on the front page, and the catagory view) fail to render correctly, as it seems that php dies when it gets to the product.


I have no custom mods installed except for BTS and STS-for-the-BTS for themeing, so has any one got any ideas why this is happening?


I've removed all the manufactures and Tax Zones as I don't need these, could that be it?


PHP is not giving me an error, either in apache's error_log or one sent to the browser.


If i mark the product as inactive from the admin panel, then everything works again - so I'm pretty sure i've narrowed down the error to here. Preview works from from the admin section...


Thanks in advance :)

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I've just edited the fields in the MySQL database, and i managed to find out what was causing the issue. Strangely it was the products_image field, if I set the new products data to the same as any of the other rows (i.e. to a gif file), it seemed to work fine. Is this because the image was uploaded not into a sub-directory or that it was a jpeg and not a gif (which i doubt)?





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