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Subdomain setup, admin directory secure, SSL setup, not fully integrated yet, Payment methods not fully complete, and a few php & text errors, but otherwise http://shop.demotivated.net should be up and running, and open for orders by the 15th of Dec, in time for military payday! Tell me what you think, please refrain from attempting to order, although I'll accept signing up, and even opting in to the newsletter, which will tell you when you're open to order. All products shown will be available upon opening, although they are in VERY limited quanities at the current time.

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I think I fixed every error I was getting. Three things left, Paypal (need to figure out how to make people return to my store so it complete's the order), SSL integration, and button modification.


Woho, almost live!

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This is very 'stock' oscommerce. I see you've added a couple of contributions though.


1.Try and change your buttons (checkout, reviews etc) so that it matches the new colour scheme.

2.It loads fairly fast.

3.You may want a checkout without account contribution because there are people like me who will not buy if i'm forced to start an account.

4. Include an address/phone number etc in contact section so I know your a legitimate business.

5.You haven't displayed a shipping price or other information i'd likely to know before ordering.

6.Your logo leaves alot to be desired.

Contributions installed: Purchase without Account / STS/ All Products/ Header Tags Controller

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Just something non-oscommerce related: I'd invest some time in getting some better pictures taken, unless you want a "demotivating" look, lol (no offence intended).


You don't need expensive equipment to take good pictures either. Just good lighting and adobe photoshop. It's worth the time and effort learning how to do it.


Best of luck,




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I dont know why but your shop rocks i really like it and it is perfect for your target audience, trust me,


stock os yes, but it appealls to the bench, criminal market, absolutely


its clean minimilist very nice color blue and white


stick with the look


just concentrate on making the site user friendly :D

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Your privacy policy is inadequate. The same goes for your terms of use. Check a big site like amazon.com and see what they put in their privacy and terms of use statements- they are over 10 pages long. Your two lines of text will not cut it, and they look amature.


You have no contact information on your site. Where are you located? What is your phone number? I am not going to buy something from someone I can't get ahold of.


You have broken category images on every category.

My advice comes in two flavors- Pick the one that won't offend you.


Hard and Cynical: How to Make a Horrible osCommerce Site


Warm and Fuzzy: How to Make an Awesome osCommerce Site

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