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The e-commerce.

stupid question here


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okay. so i'm trying to learn how to use OS Commerce. I've figured out how to work the configuration settings like name, payment options, etc....but how do i get to my catalog on my website? i am totally new to ecommerce and am so lost. is there are "how to" tutorial someplace on this site for newbies?


oh yeah, i'm using web.com and the oscommerce was free to use on their servers.

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you'll need to edit files directly for a lot of that. other than what can be set, turned on/off, etc from admin. Much of the text, headings, and such are in your language files. There's catalog/includes/languages/english.php for a lot of general text, and then specific pages are in catalog/includes/languages/english/, like index.php has a lot of the text that is only specific to your front page. They're all named the same as the page you're actually viewing so it should be easy to find what you're looking for.


Double check what version of osCommerce you're using if you're thinking about using the file manager through the admin since the older versions had an issue that woud cause problems. If web.com has they're own available yo might want to use that to edit. Or better, download the file you want to edit, make a backup of it before you edit, edit it locally then put it back up.


For other stuff like contribs you'll eventually need to edit files in catalog/, catalog/includes. etc..

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No question is stupid. However, make sure to have a look at available documentation first if you think your question is easily answered. The www.oscommerce.com site has links to such documentation.


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