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Continue Shopping Button Problem


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I've looked through the Forum and can't find a solution to this issue.


As suggested elsewhere, we recently changed the following line of code in shopping_cart.php to make sure that a site visitor returns to the product listing after clicking "Continue Shopping" afer clicking "Add to Cart" in the product detail page (product_info.php):


$back = sizeof($navigation->path)-2;


changed to


$back = sizeof($navigation->path)-3;


However, we now want to implement the "Buy Now" option in the Product Listing and the above change causes problems when the "Continue Shopping" button is pressed, as it goes back one page too far.


Does anyone have any suggestions as to how this element in the shopping_cart.php program can be amended to make sure that the user is directed back to the correct page and that it is dependant on which page the user originally came from?


Any help would be much appreciated.



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I'd like to see this go back to the category or subcategory most recently viewed no matter where the customer went in between (like an info page, which I have all set with a Back Button). Anybody have bit of code for this?

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Sounds great - anyone have any ideas?


Basically we need to find a way for the button to go back 2 pages, except for when the user came from a Product Info page - when it needs to go back 3.


Anyone know what code we could use to acheive this?

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