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Shopping Mall features needed - beyond OSC?


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I've been looking for a good shopping mall program, but haven't yet found one that does eveything I need. I've been using osCommerce, and have been playing around with the Virtual Mall contribution, but it will need extensive mods to achieve the features needed. I'm not sure if the time, cost and possible loss in reliability would be worth it. So I'm looking at 3rd party solutions (I'm not posting the names here, since I believe the moderators don't allow mentioning other products in the forums).


Basically, I'd like to set up an online marketplace whereby members/vendors can easily register and setup their own 'stores' within our mall website and upload product images and descriptions, all via a web interface, similar to how eBay works for sellers. Our objective for the main mall portion of the site is to provide a marketplace where we simply host vendors' stores and we do not process any payments or orders. However, we will also have a second section of the site in which we will sell products ourselves - for this, we would process all aspects of the transactions.


1. We would need to set it up so that each vendor would be paid by customers directly, instead of having payments go to us (the mall owner). For example, each payment would be sent directly to the applicable vendor's Paypal account or processed through their own credit card gateway (if they have one), as with eBay.


2. It would simultaneously pay us a percentage of each vendor's sale amount.


3. Vendors will specify their own shipping costs per item, based on weight, or other means of calculation.


4. There must be a feedback rating system whereby customers can rate each vendor transaction, similar to eBay's feedback rating system.


5. We will establish a number of templates that each store can choose from and implement easily, via the web interface.


6. Stores will have their own subdomain name (e.g. "www.ourmall.com/vendor_1/")


7. We will need to auto-bill each vendor for a monthly hosting fee.


8. There should be an extensive web-based store management interface (through which each vendor can manage his/her store). Ideally, we would like a system that has functions similr to eBay's seller interface, for example:


Orders received

Order status

Inventory status

Shipping linked to USPS, UPS, Fedex, etc.

Tracking # provided

Vendors set shipping options

Coupon code discount ability

Free shipping option



Various alerts (e.g. send invoice, mark as paid, etc.)


We will not need an auction function.



I'd appreciate any suggestions on whether it would make sense to try and mod OSC for this site, or perhaps you know of 3rd party software that would work well (please PM me if you know of any).


Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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