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Total price errors in second currency


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Hi all,


hope somebody can help me with this problem.


My shop uses USD as the default currency. There are other currencies configured (EUR, GBP and CHF) with the correct values. If you shop with the default currency, no problem.


If you using e.g. GBP and add one item to your shopping cart all looks fine. But now increase the quantity from 1 to 10 and have a look at the price. It's wrong!


Here an example:

- Product price is 241,82 CHF

- Price shown for 10 items of this product is 2418,18 CHF (should be 2418,20 CHF) :'(


It's correct as long as you have a quantity of 1. Anybody seen this before or fixed it?


As far as I understand the source code right it calculates the total price in the default currency for the quantity you selected and THEN formats it to another currency included round to choosen decimal places. Better would be to get the price for one piece of this product correctly formatted and then multiply with the quantity and formats it for the currency. This would prevent round errors.


Hope somebody out there already fixed this or wrote a contrib. Can't find something....

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