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Order notification e-mails not being sent


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The title and subtitle above pretty much say it all. The store I'm working on is not sending out order notification e-mails, either to customers or to the store owner. The orders do show up in the admin, but no e-mails are sent out.


Having searched through several pages of forum posts, I've tried a few things that were suggested there: changing from sendmail to SMTP (and back again), implementing the code change listed at http://www.oscommerce.com/community/bugs,1364/status,open under 14 Mar 2004 10:00:26, ploughing through various include files trying to see if the location of sendmail was listed anywhere and might be incorrect (can't find it anywhere in there), and checking the domain's error log to see if any pertinent errors were notes (none were). Nothing seems to help.


Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this problem that I haven't checked yet? The store was supposed to go live yesterday, and the client is really, really, really not happy (there's also problems with credit card processing, but that's because their payment processor changed their system without bothering to tell us, so that one at least is not my fault).


It's osCommerce 2.2 MS 2, running on PHP Version 4.3.11 and MySQL 4.0.25, on a shared Linux server, if that helps.





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I also just tried the e-mail test script and received no e-mail at all from that, but also no error messages, so nothing that helped me identify the exact cause of the error. But I guess if it affected both the test e-mails, I should pester my web host.


Hi Lynna, I've got the exact same problem. E-mail notification has never been working to store owner (for several months now). Customers do receive their confirmation, so I just added under "my store config" to send extra order emails to the store owners. At least they know that someone has placed an order. My problem now is that I changed the credit card setting to "split credit card number" where part of the credit card number is sent to the store owner for added security. Now, these emails have disappeared into cyberspace as well and never reached the store owner, which means we are missing half the credit card details and have to call up all the customers. What a pain.


How do I fix this? running oscommerce on a Linux server and email set to sendmail.



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If you guys are on a shared server you may need to authenticate.


Search for the following in the contributions:


smtp through the authentication smtp server



update your access info in the file walllha :thumbsup:


your text emails should work fine use crlf. I am still working on getting html to work


Hope this helps.

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