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Catalog Page is Blank


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I cannot get my catalog pages to load at all since last night.


My site has been live for two and a half months. I wanted

to have unique meta tags on each my catalog pages, so

I installed the contribution "Category Meta Tags" which

is at Category Meta Tags and I must have made a mistake.


I am assuming that the problem is related to this. My

website is Noah's Animal Figurines

and the catalog is at, of course, www.noahsanimalfigurines.com/catalog


After my catalog wouldn't load, I uninstalled all

of the changes, but it didn't help matters.


If you View Source, there is html, but all of the info is



Can anybody point me in the right direction?




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Firstly, it looks like your server isn't loading index.php (or default.php) as the default page when one isn't specificed - when you go to catalog/ it should load one of these pages and it isn't.


The error message I get when you go to catalog/index.ph is "The directory name is invalid". That doesn't look like an osC error message to me, which would suggest something else hsa happened. If it is from osC, it would suggest something is wrong with the configure.php settings.


Did you back everything out so it was exactly the same as it was before the changes?



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Thanks for your reply, Jon. Coincidentally, my webhost was restoring my files from a backup

at the same time you were trying to help me, so that is why the site wasn't coming up.


After the restore, the page is loading again and everything seems pretty much okay.


I really don't know what I did that messed it up, but I did restore it back to the way it

was and I still couldn't access the page. I'll probably never know.....


Thanks again,


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Its working again and thats all that counts.


I have a test version of my website which I install new contributions to. Once its working ok, I just copy the relevant files over. I lost count of the number of times I trashed my website before doing it this way.



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