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The e-commerce.

javascript gurus please help!!


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i have already combined checkout_shipping.php and checkout_payment.php and trying to get rid of checkout_confirmation page and i have a pretty good idea how to do it

but then i would need a total including all charges and disconts to be displayed before cc info is entered

i can manage that but it is pretty ugly

i have put a button so customer can click and then if he has not chosen a payment the page refreshes and the totals appear. what i want to do is to submit the form when the radio-button for each shipping module is selected

it is just like the regular shipping.php

now when you click on the line the radio buttom is selected. i want to know if i can have the form submited right after the readio buttom is selected without another action by customer? :blink:


ofcourse i am open to other suggestion also

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to submit the form you could change the onclick handler of the shipping page


I think you have something like this now with the loop to setup the radio options

onclick="selectRowEffect(this, ' . $radio_buttons . ')"


so you need something like thsi:


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mark thanks for the response

i am trying to get your sugestion to work but

i really need for the javascript to do both

select the shipping option and then submit the form

if you take a look at seelily.com/store you will see what i want to do

i want the update buttom to be automatic


another option is althought both submit buttoms are the same i could change the actions depending which button is clicked

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Hi Frank, then an easy way would be to modify the existing jscript function (selectRowEffect) to include the form sumbit thingy at the end.

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