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New Product info/filters


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Let's say my store sell widgets, screws, goats, and cheese.


I would like to create a far more robust search/information system for my widgets, where I create new fields in the products table for things like:


Widget Size

Widget Color

Widget Use

Widget Flavor



So, each widget in my DB will also have that information stored in the database. Can I then create multiple filters (similar to the manufacturer/category filter in the stock product listing) that can filter for those features? How hard would this be?


Taking that further, can I make the filters specific to the category?


Basically, what I'm shooting for is to make a very very granular database of all of my products, and have it so custumers can do extensive filtering within categories to really narrow things down.


I'm not necessarily asking for a long explaination of how to do this, I don't want to waste anyone's time; I'm just curious if it can be done...



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