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The e-commerce.

not getting email when i have an order


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I am not a programmer but i have a store using oscommerce and my programmers can't seem to figure this out.


I have had my existing store rebulit on another url and all the previous information was copied to the new store. However, in testing and putting through an actual order, me as the store owner, as well as, me as the customer did not get an email stating the order process. Obviously this will be a big problem.


My email settings are

e mail transport method-----sendmail

e mail linefeeds---------------LF

use MIME HTML when sending emails -----false

verify email adresses through DNS-------false

send emails------true


What controls the emails getting sent? The email adress is correct and i get other emails to that adress with no problems. Even emails deemed as spam still get sent to my Norton Anti Spam folder and its not there either. The order does show up in the order section as well as the customer section and the processing on the site goes through fine. Thanks for any info

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The settings look to be fine. Just make sure that the e-mail addresses you are using in your osC admin panel under My Store (all three entries) are e-mail addresses on the domain of the website itself - and not some other domains' e-mail address.


Also, don't use this format for entering e-mail addresses:



Just use this instead:




Some servers won't work with the recommended settings.



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I'm just getting started and have yet to be able to get email to work. I have my options are set as described above. Nada.


My hosting company gave me the path to sendmail. Is there anywhere that I should put this?



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