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Hi there, searched the forum for my problem but noting found.


I have strange situation: when we test order a amount 3 from the same product only one shows up in my shopping card... Im kinda new on the osCommerce (great!) and can realy find out where and how the check is made.


anyone with the same problem?


Thanx in advance,


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As far as can determ it doesnt. The thing is, when i order a 3 (lets say 3 cows) only 1 cow shows up in my shoping card. When i order 3 cows and 1 chicken, 1 cow and 1 chicken shows in my shopping card... thus somewhere the amount of 3 is set back to 1. Beats me... <_<


Thankz in advance.



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I seem to be having a similar problem when i want to buy 3 cows only one shows up in the shopping cart but if a carry on to checkout the billing does show that i am buying 3 but not the cart which is no good for shoppers as they might think that what they have bought cost 3 times as much

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I dont see a problem. I did this:


1. Went to a product description page added an item once got in the cart then I pressed continue shopping add the same item again I see 2 items in the cart


2. Went to the shopping cart changed the quantity to 3 hit update I got 3 items in the cart


can you explain the steps for the failure you see?

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Hit upgrade... :blush: dumb, dumb, dumb...


The thing is that i just took over this project from a designer and php programmer (witch im not) as one of my tasks here for 2 months. He was bugging his head over this "problem" for quit some time now and asumed that it was a verification problem.


Hit upgrade..



Thanks for thinking with me here!



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