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How to Add Fields To The MainPage


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I have made many small changes to my website... And almost reached the point of total satisfaction.

But this one I can't seem to figure out. :'(



I would like to Add one or two new "fields" (or whatever you may call them) in the main page...

These fields should be like the 'New product for September' field (so as an included PHP).



So, on my site:


I would like to replace the flyer-image for the contents of this html:



It would be nice if I could easely switch them from month to month (for monthly-specials!).


I don't want to add the piece of code to the welcome text.

The code I have prepared doesn't seem to be working in there anyway.


Any help would be greatly appriciated!

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Finally... got those "fields" down on the proper place.

Found out that they are actualy called info_boxes b.t.w. :blush:




* I created a file named: special_products.php (which is actualy pure html code).

Inserted my contents without the HEAD and BODY tags ofcourse... so just a TABLE.


* Copied that file to: includes/modules/


* Added a line into filenames.php

define('FILENAME_SPECIAL_PRODUCTS', 'special_products.php');


* And inserted a CALL in the index.php

           <td><?php include(DIR_WS_MODULES . FILENAME_SPECIAL_PRODUCTS); ?></td>


And that was the most frustrating part... cause I didnt know where to put it.

I finally added it near line 320. Copied the lines where it included the NEW_PRODUCTS infobox... and pasted it above that, with the new file reference stated in above code.


And that seemed to be placing it in the proper place, without scrambling the existing tables on the mainpage.



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