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I would much appreciate some help concerning setting up the e-mail engine of the OsCommerce. I put an e-mail address in the Config and chose SMTP since my store is on a windows server... the e-mails don't send. Do i need to enter the SMTP details somehwere? where? What file? Otherwise, how can i get it to work? Thanks!

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Copy "php.ini-dist" from the extracted files into your Windows directory, typically "C:\Windows" on Windows 95/98/ME, and rename it to "php.ini".


Use an ASCII text editor (such as Notepad, which can be found in the Accessories folder of your Start menu) to open "php.ini". You may need to make the following changes to the file, depending on your requirements:


If you want the mail() function to actually send out email when you test your own PHP scripts, search for the section of the file beginning with the line "[mail function]" (without the quotes). You should come across a section that looks something like the following:

      [mail function]
    ; For Win32 only.
     SMTP = localhost

    ; For Win32 only.
     sendmail_from = me@localhost.com


Change it to point to your SMTP server and email account. For example, if your SMTP server is "mail.yourisp.com" and your email address is "youremail@somewhere-or-other.com", change the code to:

      [mail function]
     SMTP = mail.yourisp.com
     sendmail_from = youremail@somewhere-or-other.com


Note that after you do this, when your script tries to use the mail() function, you will need to be connected to your ISP for the function to succeed. If you do not modify the above lines and attempt to use mail() in your script, the function will return a fail code, and display (or log) the error (depending on how you configure php.ini to handle errors).





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