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Hey all,


I have just redesigned our website, which used to be standard OS commerce layout with a little bit of a colour change to something a bit better looking.


The main aim of the site was to make it as easy to navigate as possible, and to keep the layout simple and quite quick to load.


I have moved the customer base from the old site to this one, so please be aware that it is a live site.


I just wanted to get some feedback as i have also done some adverts which we are having put up in various shopping malls across the UK advertising the site, you may see them somewhere (http://www.navonline.co.uk/nav_poster.jpg)?


Any feedback is appreciated, i have one problem in that my meta tags aren't working correctly, and am trying to get a fix for that.


website is www.navonline.co.uk


Thanx for reading.


P.s some products are still being added along with better descriptions, just waiting for the marketing guys to sort it :(

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the first thing that struck me was that the background of the header, the darker road image, does not fit with the rest of the site but that may just be me.


the link to the products webpage in your product descriptions do not work so it may be an idea to remove those completely if you're not planning on using them.


on your shipping page in the delivery section there is a small typo:

"currier" should be courier.


consider also adding a postal address somewhere.


looking good, good luck :)

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On the index of your site, there is alot of text. However, text does not sell high end electronics.


For example:


Welcome to our new look, next generation, navigation website Guest!


Please log yourself in or create an account quickly and easily.


"Welcome to our site!" lines are fairly amature. Do you see amazon or any other major retailier using their most prime page real estate on a useless line of text?


You should lose the "Log yourself in or create an account..." line. Its never a good idea to make the person start thinking about creating an account before they actually find something they want to buy. There are countless posts on this on these forums.


Please be aware that we are currently updating our product catalog and some products will not be priced and available in thier respective catagories.

We are the GPS specialists, providing leading brand satellite navigation products at competetive prices, such as Tom Tom, Smartnav, Garmin, Mitac Mio and Navman


In addition, we are stockists of cutting edge road safety devices (Snooper, Road Angel), vehicle recovery systems (Trackstar), diesel tuning kits (Steinbauer) and state of the art fully fitted in car media solutions.


I would never tell a customer that the site was not finished. Thats an instant turn-off to customers, and in the consumer electronics world they can just go somewhere else.


Furthermore, I understand the SEO value of listing the manufacturers you sell, but it would be better suited in the footer or left column with clickable logos and titles to take you to their respective manufacturer product listings, not in two large paragraphs that nobody will ever bother reading.


To find the exact product you are looking for, please use the categories menu on the left of the page to browse through our extensive online selection of superior car media products.


You can also use our quick search technology to find any product super fast, or use the advanced search page to find products by name, price, model number and date.


Customers know how to shop online. The chances of your customers being online purchasing-virgins are very, very slim. You don't need to tell them to click a category or use the search, they know that already.


Instead of all this text, why don't you put a couple featured products, a couple images showing the products installed in luxury automobiles, etc? Text creates yawns and taxes your prospective customers attention spans (which is about like that of a goldfish) where pictures and products create interest.

My advice comes in two flavors- Pick the one that won't offend you.


Hard and Cynical: How to Make a Horrible osCommerce Site


Warm and Fuzzy: How to Make an Awesome osCommerce Site

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