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Hi, I am new to your forums and I just recently got hooked on osCommerce store for my website. It came with the package. Now I have been picking my brain on how to install the download attribute on my store. I figured out the main issue of how to go through the admin panel and do all that stuff, BUT... when I fake pay for the item, the download link doesn't show up and ...


my other issue is, I want to know, when I add the download to my store and I click the redirect link. Will my customer be able to get the merchandise, just by entering that same code outside the store. For instance say I'm not a paying customer and I don't plan on paying for the merchandise and a friend gives me the link to the merchandise that was given to them after the download, will that non paying person be able to get the merchandise just by going to that link?


Now I want to put up a downloadable video, how can I protect my video from being downloaded just by the customer going to the top of the bar and hitting the file button and save page as? Is there a way to prevent that?


And as far as the downloader controller goes, it's a tad bit confusing as far as on how to install it. For instance with this line, "Add the new configuration settings with the downloads_controller.sql file. This will add the new settings for the Admin." ----now where do I add those codes at, what file?


Any help given is much appreciated. I have searched high and low to get my answers, but nothing was coming up to what I was looking to be answered. Thanks again for any help.

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