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Zones & Taxes


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hello all.


I am having a problem in the admin panel under locals and taxes.


i have added australia as my zone and then installed a contrib .sql file for all the zones in australia.


when i look in my admin panel under locals and taxes.


my zone is listed as australia buy Number of Zones: 0


has antone else had this problem.


i think that this is affecting my payment & shipping as they asre configured to zone Australia. i have created a user that lives in australia and when i login with this user and purchase a product then proceed to the checkout i don't get any shipping or payment options.


Please Please Help.

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Prior to installing the SQL script this did not work either. The SAL script has put the regions into the admin/SQL db and they are correct. the problem here is that they are not listed, i suppose under the country of Australia.


i hope that makes it a bit more clear.

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here is  a related thread to setup the zones. oscommerce also has the setup details with the help file.




if you double-click in your admin any of the tax-zones should indicate the country and zone


enigma, the link you supplied goes nowhere. i have looked at the tax zones and it has australia in there but when i look in localations, tax zones is see australia and zones = 0. i can see all of the states in australia listed under zones and the rest of the world. but when i create a user in a locations of australia not shipping or payment information is displayed unless i set the payment or shipping module zones to none.


I removed australia in locations zones and now i am getting this error


Tax Zones  

Tax Zones Action  
1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '-50, 50' at line 1

select geo_zone_id, geo_zone_name, geo_zone_description, last_modified, date_added from geo_zones order by geo_zone_name limit -50, 50



can you help.

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