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The e-commerce.

OSCommerce - Good?


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I am setting up a business of selling football (soccer) memorabilia and I thinking of using osCommerce for my business. I do, however, have a few questions for those who are already using it:-


1. Why did you decide to use osCommerce?

2. Did you consider using any other shopping cart software?

3. Apart from using SSL what other security measures are needed to secure my site and the transactions that will take place?

4. Has using osCommerce helped your business?





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I decided to go with it primarily because of the price. :rolleyes:

I was concerned about the basic look of the original template, so I went on a Google hunt for free or low-cost templates. You can see that I have found a pretty good one if you click on the Jewelry link in my signature.


I decided not to use SSL since I am going through Paypal, which uses a secure connection.


I would say that OSC has helped my business because I am only selling on the internet!

My profile is better than yours.

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In my opinion, osCommerce is the best cart available.


I chose it because of the wide functionality available via the base package plus the thousands of contributions. And the way the open code makes it possible to customize features even more.


I have used two different paid shopping cart applications and experimented with other open source ones. Like I said, I consider osc to be best.


The other essential security step needed is to secure the admin seciton. I understand that the next stable release will come with it secured by default. But the current stable release does not. But there are several contributions that can help you easily secure it. Or it is usually easy to secure it via your web hosting control panel.


The other aspect of security is keeping the server well patched and secure. That is the responsibility of your web host unless you get a self managed dedicated server. You should make sure that your web host is actively on top of server security and not one of the ones that logs into their server once a month or less to apply patches.


osCommerce has done a lot more for my business than even the paid carts by letting me implement all of the features that help us serve our customers.



Rule #1: Without exception, backup your database and files before making any changes to your files or database.

Rule #2: Make sure there are no exceptions to Rule #1.

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