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The e-commerce.

If you buy X, you get discount on Y ..etc


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I have been trying to see if there is a contribution that would meet our needs.


The issue is this:


I would like to setup a shop where users select a membership (paid) level once they sign in and based on what membership level they have, they get certain discount on some items.


For example: user selects to pay for a Gold, Silver or bronze membership. Each membership would be therefore treated as an item and the price of membership would be added to the cart.


Then if they have picked (or if Gold membership exists in their cart) they would be entitled to a 20% discount on some items.. if they picked Silver, they would get 10% discount on some items ...etc


The big difference I have seen in looking at the existing contributions is that a user cannot pick which "discount group" they would like to be in. It is always ADMIN's job to go in manually and associate a user to a discount group.


If anyone has any suggestions on how to tackle this problem, I would appreciate hearing from you.



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Not a very easy one I must say. I guess you looked at SPPC and indeed the default is that the admin has to manually approve customers. That doesn't mean you cannot program a change of customer group when they buy a certain level of membership. I have no clear idea where you should put that in the code (checkout_confirmation perhaps) but then the customer still needs to logout and login again.


I'm familiar with using a hammer, so I try to do everything with a hammer if you follow me, but in version 1.02 of Quantity Price Breaks for Separate Pricing Per Customer and in post 1339 in the SPPC thread there are examples of using either a category or a product_id to lookup price breaks. I assume you would be able to change that to go over the contents of the shopping cart and check for the existence of a member ship "article" there. You would need a lot more changes too, since all your prices will depend on the contents of the shopping cart/customer group.


As said, not an easy one.

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Thanks for your input Jan..

to be more clear about what I need, I have put it into a flowchart


its for a conference sponsorship and exhibition where users will come in, pick a sponsorship level, and based on level of sponsorship, they get a discount on price of booths. Purhaps I could force them to register first and select a sponsorship as a dropdown in the user info form.. and based on their selection, have OSC associate them to the user group.. then set up multiple pricing using Seperate Pricing per customer


a little too complicated as I am not a PHP programmer and only follow instructions in readme of contributions ;-)

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