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The e-commerce.

HELP! I think I'm royally screwed!


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I currently use iPowerweb for my hosting. Originally I went with the basic package and developed my OSCommerce store using their OSC install. It took me almost a month to populate my products and get it to look exactly how I wanted. Now I have too many customers and I'm using up my bandwidth too fast so I have to upgrade. They're telling me that I HAVE TO DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN! >_<


I'm not so worried about the looks and feel (I can just backup the stylesheet.css and other .php files) but what I'm concerned about is that I will lose all the products and attributes which took me ages to complete since I have over 100 products each with a minimum of 5 attributes.


What do I have to back up, copy, do in order to save what I already have done with my catalog?!?!


Please Help! I'm freaking over here!

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why you have to redo the oscommerce shop? you shouldnt. even in cases where ppl change hosts there is minimum work involved. You should be able to backup the entire oscommerce core tree (using ftp) and your sql dbase (phpmyadmin). And restore it if you need to.

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