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The e-commerce.

shared ssl - move files?


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This is total newb stuff, and I have been getting lost in the fields of spaghetti of osc files trying to solve it!


I am hosting some stores on gradwell.net's servers, they are a uk isp and a good one, except for one thing.


The store is in a folder like, ~/webs/www.grub-street.com


The shared ssl regime is set up as a directory(ssl) also in my ~/webs dir, and contains a folder called "storefronts" which I designated when I bought the service.


so its like:




and ~/webs/www.grub-street.com


Clearly the ISP intends that the whole shop gets loaded into the www.grub-street.com subdir under the ssl folder. NO!!!


I've set up the config.php files to reflect the environment, and as soon as I go to, say checkout, I get a 404 but the lock goes on and all.




The output of Alan's myenv file looks like:


HTTP HOST: storefronts.ssl.lon-web-1.gradwell.net

Server Port: 80

SSL Status:

Fowarded Server: host.uk-ssl.com

Fowarded Host: uk-ssl.com

Fowarded By:



Then the document root is:


Document Root: ~/webs/ssl/storefronts


So how do I get oscommerce to path resulting SSL calls to (for example) "https://uk-ssl.com/www.grub-street.com/checkout_shipping.php"


to pull the pages from my normal "~/webs/www.grub-street.com/htdocs/"

setup? And without loading the whole shop onto some kludge certificate server?



oh, and HEEELP!!!

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I feel your pain,


I have a set up basicly the same as yours and have no idea what to do, I'll keep searching the forums and if I find anything I'll put it up here.


Surely there is a list of php files that then SSL and they could be relocated? Who knows.




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