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The e-commerce.

step 3 on install hungs


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my settings are these (worked the same 1 week ago....on ecomm database (MYSQL) ...it doesnt works with MSSQL.....just my other DNN sites with MSSQL works fine.)

New Installation


Database Import


Please enter the database server information:


Database Server:


Hostame or IP-address of the database server

The database server can be in the form of a hostname, such as db1.myserver.com, or as an IP-address, such as



Database username

The username used to connect to the database server. An example username is 'mysql_10'.


Note: Create and Drop permissions are required at this point of the installation procedure.



Database password

The password is used together with the username, which forms the database user account.

Database Name:ecom1


Database Name

The database used to hold the data. An example database name is 'osCommerce'.

Persistent Connections:


Enable persistent database connections.


Note: Persistent connections should be disabled for shared servers.

Session Storage: Files Database


Store user session data as files on the server, or in the database.


Note: Due to security related issues, database session storage is recommended for shared servers.









press continue


A test connection made to the database was successful.


press continue.........but install hungs here and never ends

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You need to delete any .htaccess files in the default osCommerce to be able to run the install with FrontPage extensions installed on your domain.


However, you will need to get FrontPage extensions uninstalled, because they will seriously mess with osCommerce.



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Frontpage extensions are unnistalled!


and i have delete all .htaccess files already before send files to webserver with ftp


1 week ago i have sent all files fisrt and then cause i had IIS permision probs , i removed all .htaccess files and then i did the install. And it worked!!


do you think i have to download again the zip and deploy it from the beginning?

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Windows servers are a nightmare for running php - because web hosting companies are afraid of running php, which is a dynamic scripting language, on a Windows server - so they do all they can to restrict its functioning (php).


Many Windows hosting companies run php in Safe Mode. If you have other osCommerce sites running on this server then I would look in the osCommerce 'admin' folder under Tools --> Server Info to see if php is running in Safe Mode.



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