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IE / Firefox https to http inconsistency


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Site: WiredCo.com - www.wiredco.com


It seems to work fine in Firefox, but I am troubleshooting two IE issues:


This one is driving me mad:

1) Buttons work fine until you reach an https: page (click 'Catalog'). Then, if you try to go back to a non-cart page such as About, FAQ, or Glossary (non-cart pages) you get a Page Not Found. I tried using a dynamic link in the button code on the catalog page only to have Firefox not work correctly.


2) 'Both secure and nonsecure items' every page. How can I get all items on the page sercure so this goes away?



I know these two problems are interrelated. I know this is probably something really basic that I should or do already know, which makes me feel like an ass...


Thanks for your help.

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No edit function.. ? Hmm.


I've found that IE seems to be adding a /catalog/ in the button code when leaving the catalog page for a non-cart page, FWIW. I still haven't resolved the problem.

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Resolved the button issue.


Still very concerned about the constant 'secure / non-secure items' warnings...


Okay, I understand now that I am pulling HTTP items to an HTTPS page. I don't understand why, as the images are coming from the same FTP as images on cart pages that ARE secure...

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