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Logo Image on Homepage


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Initially, someone else set up our oscommerce store. That person is now gone and I am trying to take over.


On our homepage we have an old logo image that a person can click from sub-pages and it will re-route them to the home page.


I have located that image in Tools > File Manager > Images> JPG.

However, I see no instructions on how to replace this file. I want to load a new logo image and have it in the same location as the old one.


Can anyone tell me where to upload the new image and how to place it in the correct location?

Thanks! Crystal

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It sounds like you are using a modified OSCommerce template, and thus are using a graphic not normally associated with OsCommerce.


If you can locate the graphic through file manager. Take a note of it's name.


If as you say it is in the images/jpg folder then you need to do the following.



Speak to the company that is hosting your OsCommerce installation.

Get your FTP details from them, which will comprise an FTP login name,password

and address.



FTP into your hosting space (if you do not have an ftp client, FTP Surfer is a neat, free one that I myself use, do a google search for it.)

Once you have ftp'd in you should be in your home directory.



Navigate through the following folders.

Catalog -> Images -> JPG

(jpg isn't a usual folder, but it sounds like it's been created by whoever set your installation up.)


Right click on the file in question (if using FTP Surfer) and chose Rename. Rename it to something different (i.e. original_xyz.jpg).


Next name the graphic you wish to takes it place, with the same name as the original graphic. Open up a windows explorer box, with that file in it. Drag that file into the FTP directory, which holds the recently renamed file.


That's it you're done, your new image should now appear in place of the old image. If it doesn't be sure to clear your internet cache incase you have your old image cached locally.


The above steps bypass any editing of .php files, because you are calling the graphic the same name as the original, so all references to it should remain unbroken.


all the best,



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