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USPS shipping offers invalid service choices


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I've discovered that the USPS shipping module is offering my customers things like Global Express Guaranteed *Document* Service for merchandise, when it's only usable for documents.


How can I restrict which options they see?

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Never mind, I found the patch and got it installed. What a pain. But it also revealed another issue that I had to fix.


I've only got USPS enabled. This results in a message telling the customer 'this is the only shipping option currently enabled' or some such. That message shows up RIGHT ABOVE the most expensive express mail option. Consequently, customers are fooled into thinking they DON'T HAVE A CHOICE.


This is even worse than the 'Authorize.net' payment option selection (why would the CUSTOMER care which payment gateway you're using?). To the programmers writing this stuff - PLEASE, LOOK at what you're writing and put yourself in the position of the average user! I like osCommerce just fine from a technical perspective, but from a usability perspective it leaves a LOT to be desired!

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