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email /SSL Question/SECpay Question/


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Email Question


Is there an email contribution for oscommerce that basically sends an email to the owner of the shop when an order is placed? So that he/she knows that a new order has been placed?


SSL Question


How do i setup SSL for my osCommerce shop? Which company do i go to, to get it? And do they set it up for me? My hosting company does offer it, but apperently they know little about it :s which seems strange


SecPay Question


Today i got in contact with SecPay and basically i'm probebly going to go with them. They said to me that to intergrat the credit card system with on-line shop they will give me a user name and password and some sort of account number... i think which gets entered into osCommerce somewhere? Where abouts is this option for me to do this? I have go into the payment section in the admin section and i install the SECpay but i have no options for putting in this information???


If someone could help me that would be great!

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#1 already there, all you have to do is put an email address in the 'send extra order emails to' in the admin area


#2 your hosting company should be able to let u know what needs to be done. if they dont then time to change hosts, price really does matter in scenarios like this. you can purchase an ssl certificate at the major ssl certificate places, comodo, verisign, thwate, etc. seeing as your host doesnt know much, you will need a static ip address (usually an extra cost) and have to have a way to install it, either via your cpanel/vdeck or your host. you will also need to edit your configure.php files to reflect ssl.


#3 you will need to look in the contribution support area and search for secpay, i dont use them. the contribution, once installed, in the admin/modules/payment area you will find where all the info gets keyed in.

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