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Help for creating a different front page


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I am still new to all this and can not get my head around writing any of the scripts so please bare with me here....


After populating the catalog I am left with the items that I do not want on the front page under "whats new here". I would like it to show "Best buy's" I can more than likely find how to change the title but I would still be left with items I do not want on my first page and they are also static, what can I do to change this - easiest and best ways if there are two ways! LOL


Secondly, how do I go about setting up my secure cart "https"? I have read a forum thread about this but I just need a few simple sentences that will guide me to through the starting point.







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Anyone here that can help with this?

In answer to your first question, it seems that you are confident about changing the What's New Here bit. (Actually I think there are instructions in the basic oscommerce installation for how to change that). The second part of your first question: this knowledge bank document might help http://www.oscommerce.info/kb/osCommerce/G..._and_Tricks/260.



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Hi there,


As far as the SSL, if when you installed OSC, it asked if you would be using SSL, you should have checked yes if you were going to at some point. If so, all you would have to do is point your browser to https instead of http. OSC is good with the SSL too because some pages automatically go there while others don't which is good. You just really need the important ones to use the SSL pages. Like the account and checkout/ordering pages.


Check your config.php too, to make sure your https information is correct.


Hope this helps...

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You can try the featured products contribution. This allows you to pick and choose which items you want to show up and it replaces (or can replace) the new products for box, or the box in the column.


There are many contributions to do this type of thing, you should have a look through them. May even find things you hadn't thought of. I just took a trip through there for the first time in a little while because I am working on a new site and found like 10 or so contributions I hadn't seen before that I have now installed. Great place to browse. lol

Wendy James


Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.

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