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Easy Populate First Row Upload Only


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I have just a handful of products in my database. I run Easy Populate v.2.75 to download the text file, and then just as a test, I UPLOAD THE EXACT SAME FILE, UNTOUCHED. I get the message that it updated only the FIRST row!


I tried to add several additional rows, but none are read by Easy Populate.


I read the manual several times... product_model must be unique, each line must end with a EOREOR.


Here's the (small, relatively simple) file (tab-delimited text)



v_products_id v_products_model v_products_image v_products_image_med v_products_image_lrg v_products_image_sm_1 v_products_image_xl_1 v_products_image_sm_2 v_products_image_xl_2 v_products_image_sm_3 v_products_image_xl_3 v_products_image_sm_4 v_products_image_xl_4 v_products_image_sm_5 v_products_image_xl_5 v_products_image_sm_6 v_products_image_xl_6 v_products_name_1 v_products_description_1 v_products_url_1 v_products_head_title_tag_1 v_products_head_desc_tag_1 v_products_head_keywords_tag_1 v_products_price v_products_weight v_date_avail v_date_added v_products_quantity v_manufacturers_name v_categories_name_1 v_categories_name_2 v_categories_name_3 v_categories_name_4 v_categories_name_5 v_categories_name_6 v_categories_name_7 v_tax_class_title v_status v_action EOREOR

133 200000 Shirt 37.99 1.00 2005-09-05 00:00:00 2005-09-03 22:47:36 10000 Devon FIRST_CATEGORY Second_Category Taxable Goods Active EOREOR

134 200001 Shorts 22.99 1.00 2005-09-05 00:00:00 2005-09-03 23:00:16 10000 Devon FIRST_CATEGORY Second_Category Taxable Goods Active EOREOR



Driving me nuts! Help is greatly appreciated!



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