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The e-commerce.

How to import products in xml-format?


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I have hundreds of products to import and I have a xml-file with all the product information. A xml-import-script would be really useful to me.


Easypopulate don't have the xml-feature yet, and xml-feed only do the export from the store, not import.


I thought about reformatting xml to csv using Excel but especially structures like these makes it hard:


<category>cat a</category>

<category>cat b</category>

<category>cat c</category>




Any hints are appreciated!


Best regards


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you could leverage some code from the rss contribution like its xml parser. There could be something in easypopulate, check the contribution support threads

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That would be a great contrib to run but it doesn't create new catagories or set the value for images. Its a great start but its not there yet. What I'm looking for is something to read in my excel file, compare it to my current database and then upload the changes for the items I currently have in the DB without creating new items. I want to do this because my vendors all send my spreadsheets with 20,000 + items and that makes for a loooonnngggggg day updating stock levels.




I have been trying to make my own contrib but I am new to PHP and its giving me a headache :P





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I use a customized version of oscommerce.xml that allows you to import products as well and it is much easier than Easy Populate. I would offer it to you but it's been customized specially for my store... though the programmer is working on a general version for contribution section. I hope so because once you use it, you'll never want to use anything else... it's that easy...

My Contribution

Music Download Store Template


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That would be wonderful! I started to modify the current version but I just don't have the time to sit down and learn that much PHP right now. I'll be looking for the new contrib, I really hope it goes public. :thumbsup:

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External Solutions (Contributions)


Downloading Contributions


All external solutions (contributions) discussed in the forums must be freely available under the GNU General Public License (GPL), and must also be freely available for download at the Contributions section on the osCommerce support site.

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Can you help me with instructions, what I need specify in this file (correct patches or filenames)?


Try this contribution for a few times, not working for me, but very need have this, because it's simple and enough for my needs


Thank you

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