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Configuration Mods for product listings


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I am looking to institute two modifications, and am unsure if there are any of them in the contributions section, or which one would be best (I have no idea what the contrib would/could be called..)


In the 'New Products for (month)' section, I want to increase the amount of information.


For certain products I want to 'add' a summary, see the rough draw-up below.













Should allow for between 3 to 6 listings across...


Is there a decent easy to configure contribution anyone can suggest?


Second, I would like information on the best way to add ANOTHER 'New Products' using instead a 'featured' listing, and a 'specials' listing. (I really dont like the layout of the present specials file... Also, it doesnt fit the main page well.


Any help you all can render will be deeply appreciated.


Thomas Keats

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the question is, 'if we do not code, are we really alive?'

-- anonymous

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You could get one of the column listing modules then alter it to your needs.

It is basically the same layout as the new products but easier to mess around with than the regular products listing module.





You can do what you are wanting to do but you will also need one of the short product description contributions as well, to add the text from the product description.


There is a featured products module. :) As well as a random product one. Pretty much anything you can think of is in the contributions area, just have to look around. :)

Wendy James


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